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We understand the transformative power of technology in the education sector. We firmly believe that when leveraged thoughtfully and securely, technology can spark curiosity, enhance learning, and inspire innovation in both students and educators.


We have had the privilege of working extensively in the private education sector in Western Australia (Primary, Secondary, K12), supporting schools to deliver learning experiences that blend creativity, innovation, and safety.


Our Industry Expertise in Education

Catalytic IT's proficiency in the education sector is built on a solid foundation of industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a keen understanding of the unique needs of educational institutions.


Our approach is designed to empower schools to harness the full potential of technology while ensuring a secure and supportive learning environment.

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Planning, Strategy and Support

Technology is an ever-evolving landscape, and educational institutions need a trusted partner to navigate the complexities of IT planning, management, and technical support.


We provide strategic IT consultancy services, comprehensive technical support, and assistance to help schools make informed decisions about technology investments and implementations.

Our experts collaborate closely with school administrators and educators to develop tailored strategies that support their specific goals and objectives.


A robust and reliable wired and wireless infrastructure is critical for seamless learning experiences in modern educational institutions.


At Catalytic IT, we design, implement, and manage high-performance networks that ensure uninterrupted connectivity and optimal performance for schools.


Our solutions are scalable and future-proof, supporting the evolving needs of educational institutions as they embrace new technologies and teaching methodologies.

Device Management

In today's connected world, schools are increasingly adopting mobile devices and applications to facilitate interactive and engaging learning experiences.


We offer robust MDM solutions to help schools manage, monitor, and secure the deployment and usage of these devices.


We ensure seamless integration of devices within the school ecosystem, allowing educators to focus on delivering exceptional learning experiences.


The safety and security of students and their data are paramount in the digital age.


We take a holistic approach to security, providing comprehensive solutions that safeguard digital assets, protect privacy, and prevent unauthorized access.


Our cybersecurity expertise helps schools maintain a secure digital environment and fosters confidence in parents and schools

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